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got bitten fingernails and a head full of the past

and everybody’s gone at last

Jack Daniels
31 October 1986
Yes, I'm in a lot of communities. No, I don't read them all. This LJ is just for my spare time wasting, whee! Which I don't have all that much of, since I've got a job (sometimes even two), a daughter, and a lot of pets to take care of.
alcohol consumption, alive despite rational logic, all things forbidden, animals, annoying co-workers, anti, anti everything, assfucking, assholishness, attention, aware of the hypocrisy, bdsm, being right, bitchiness, bitching, bitchslapping, biting, bitterness, blood, blood fetish, body art, body mods, bondage, boobs, boots, brutal honesty, buggery, bullshit, cats, cattiness, cocksucking, coffee, collecting stuff, complaining, corsets, creativity, dancing, debate, dogs, drama, drawing, drinking, drugs, drunken sex, elitism, erotica, ferrets, fetish, fighting, fishnets, fuck you, fucking, fucking up life, getting head, getting off, giving head, graffiti, ha!, horse training, horseback riding, horses, intelligence, irony, issues, just shut up, karma, kinky sex, lust, makeup, making out, masturbation, mind games, mini skirts, mirrors, mockery, mocking people, mountain climbing, nakedness, name-calling, narcissism, offensive everything, oi, oi darling, oral, oral fixation, oral sex, orgasms, pain, paranoia, pets, piercings, pin ups, pointless knowledge, political incorrectness, polyamory, popcorn and coffee breakfast, porn, pornography, pouting, pro-choice, proper english, punctuation, punk rock, rats, raving, relative reality, resentment, rodents, running with sharp objects, sarcasm, sarcastic post-its, satire, scarification, scars, schadenfreude, screaming fits, sex, sexual side effects, shoplifting, skanking, sketching, slightly obscene hand gestures, smeared lipstick, smoking while waiting, snark, snarkiness, sodomy, stables, streetpunk, superiority complexes, tattoo artists, tattoos, teeth, temper tantrums, that's not right, thigh high boots, throwing things, tight pants, traumatizing people for life, vanity, vintage, virgin sacrifice, whatever works, winning, wit, you're mine now bitch, zombies